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Army AOC Material Assistant Job Profile

The A OC Material Assistant job profile is one of the most important positions in the Army . It is responsible for providing logistical support and services to the soldiers and other personnel of the Army . This job profile involves providing material and supply support to the soldiers in the field as well as providing them with necessary equipment and supplies . The A OC Material Assistant is required to be well - vers ed in the Army 's Supply and Log istical Systems . He / she must also be familiar with the various types of military materials and supplies and be able to identify them . The main duties of an A OC Material Assistant include the following : - M aint aining and tracking all material supplies and equipment . - Coord inating the movement of supplies and equipment to the right locations . - Ens uring that all material and supply orders

When Jio Sim was Launched ?

Rel iance J io has become the talk of the town since its launch in September 2016 by Rel iance Industries Chairman , Muk esh Amb ani . J io is India 's first fully digital , 4 G - only mobile network , and has almost single - handedly disrupted the Indian telecom market . J io has been a game - ch anger in India , offering free voice calls , low - cost data plans , and free access to premium content services like J io TV , J io C inem a , and J io Music . The company has also made a foray into the digital payments space with its J io Pay app . The launch of J io has been a major milestone in India 's digital transformation , as it has enabled millions of people to access the internet at a fraction of the cost of other telecom providers . J io has also helped create thousands of jobs , with the company hiring over 20 , 000 people since its launch .